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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

Troy is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I believe that the decisions the council makes can have a serious impact on the quality of life in Troy. After a two-year leave following my first term on council, my wife and I decided that it is because of my three children that I should run again for City Council. We want to make sure that our children grow up in the best city possible.

My campaign, and my term on the council, can be summed up in one word — Respect. Respect for the residents of Troy; respect for their opinions, their property values, and their time. Whether I agree with them or disagree with them, I will treat all our residents with respect.

I will also respect my fellow council members, whether we agree or disagree. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. As a councilman, I will continue to form my opinions based upon WHAT is right, not WHO is right.

So, what are the issues that affect us? Certainly, taxes are on the top of everyone's agenda in an election. It always amazes me how candidates pledge new programs and projects, and then promise to reduce or not raise taxes. I can't assure a reduction in your taxes, although that is one of my goals. What I do promise is that I will examine each and every item on the budget, and make sure that your tax dollars are being well spent. If there is any way I can reduce the budget and lessen the tax burden, I will. I will work to prevent any expenditure of taxpayer dollars on private ventures.

I believe we can attract businesses to Troy without giving tax breaks, special tax cuts, and tax reductions to them, at the expense of the residents. The best thing we can do for our business community is to reduce the red tape and useless, redundant permits and regulations. If we make Troy an easier place to do business, with limited paperwork, concise regulations, and excellent roads, we won't have to bribe companies to locate here.

This website is intended to provide you with an introduction to me and where I stand on the issues. You are also welcome to call me at home at (248) 619-7119.

I am not a professional politician. I am a husband, a father, and a resident of this terrific city. I think that I can do a great job for the citizens of Troy, and I hope that you will think the same.

I would deeply appreciate if you would honor me with your vote on Tuesday, November 6.

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It has been brought to my attention that negative campaigning has occurred on my behalf during this election cycle. While I am flattered at the support the organization has given me, I don't wish to be affiliated with any negative campaigning. All the people in this election are good strong individuals although we differ in our approaches towards governance and our vision for Troy. I ask that the voters please focus on the issues of importance here in this election. Please disregard mailings and newspaper ads that are funded by organizations outside of council campaigns.

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